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Pony Riders Club – Linden Farm, Inc.
Pony Riders Club

Pony Riders Club

Meets Once a Month

The program is designed to introduce young children ages 3-7 to monthly horse experience. These children are usually too young to benefit from a weekly lesson but for whom we want to keep the love of all things HORSE alive and thriving until the child is old enough for regular weekly lessons.

The program teaches the children to groom, tack up and lead their ponies in-hand as well as to ride and steer from the ponies back.

Each child is under the care of an experienced teen rider who is with the child at all times. An instructor directs activities and makes sure each child is having fun as well as learning.

Instruction includes games on horseback: walking race, obstacle course. Etc. and take-home learning projects. While we ensure each child learns, we do so through games and fun activities rather than the discipline of a formal lesson.

Complete the Application to sign your child up for this “learning-thru-fun-experience”.