Weimaraner Breeder

Weimaraner Breeder


We are not accepting new puppy applications until 2021.  The next four litters through Spring 2021 are fully reserved.  We thank all of our clients so much for their support and patronage.


Blue & Gray Weimaraners
located on adjacent property but not affiliated with Linden Farm Inc.
three puppy colors

Services provided with each puppy

  1. We microchip each puppy and register puppy and chip with AKCReunite at our cost.
  2. We pay to register your puppy with AKC in your name with your puppy name of choice.
  3. We worm every two weeks from birth to puppy pick-up.
  4. At six weeks we have a health exam of each puppy and it gets first vaccinations. A copy of this record is part of the sale package.
  5. We have a contract that addresses spay/and neuter requirements of new owners (all puppies are sold with a limited registration unless prior arrangements are made with the breeder.)
  6. All of our breeding dogs are screened for hip displasia and have complete DNA scans through UC Davis before initial breeding.
  7. Any dog or puppy that the owner cannot keep MUST be returned to our kennel, contract requires NO DOG or PUPPY may go to Adoption or Humane Society or Animal Shelter.
  8. Puppies guaranteed for any genetic issue for full refund.

At Studs

Current: “Linden’s Joyful Wilhelm”

Previous: “Linden’s Cobalt Blue Dog”
Cobalt was a magnificent “blue” Weimaraner who was admired by everyone who saw him. He had perfect conformation, and exhibited all of the typical characteristics of the breed: easily trained, loyal, obedient and affectionate with members of his household and not aggressive toward other dogs. He weighed 110 pounds and stood 28 inches at the withers. He had a wonderful coat that shined (literally) with good health.

Dams of coming litters

“Linden’s Silver Girl”, kennel name “Sylvie”
Sylvie is a big beautiful silver Weimie. She has a lovely friendly temperament and she has proven very adaptable and obedient. She is 80 pounds and stands 27 inches at the shoulder. Her line derives from hunting dogs and all of her line were successful in field trials. Linden’s Silver Girl.

Linden’s Blue Mist
Weighs in at 80 pounds, is a blue female. Daughter of an Obedience champion with seven Champions in her pedigree. A lovely disposition, great conformation and a hunting dog as well.

Linden’s Silver Chalice
A really big strong girl weighs 90 pounds. Lovely disposition, excellent conformation a really beautiful dog.

Our puppies have beauty, spirit, endurance, loyalty and obedience already embedded in their gene makeup. For more information about this or future litters or for an application please call or e-mail. Puppies are sold to approved homes only.

Breed History

weimaraner07The breed was developed in Germany in the late 18th century as a hunting dog. Breeding was tightly controlled and litters were severely culled to ensure quality. Breeding pairs were not readily available outside of Germany until the 20th century, further ensuring quality of the breed and continued strict breed characteristics.

The Weimaraner is very obedient and easy to train. They are also very loyal and devoted to their owners. Don’t be surprised if your Weimie follows you into the bathroom or is “waiting” for you when you emerge after the shortest visit. They are, however, “noisy”. No visitor or car comes unannounced and Weimies bark very loudly until they are sure they know the arrival or until they are called off by their owner or leashed.

They are benign and gentle by nature, but as with all retrievers, they are “mouthy”. They have a soft mouth designed to allow them to retrieve and carry game without damaging the skin. In play with humans, they will often “mouth” the arm of their playmate or those they love. This can be disconcerting, but the only damage that might be inflicted is if you jerk your arm away. Cobalt “retrieved” a fawn while we were on a trail ride and came trotting down the trail with a small, bleating baby deer carried proudly in his mouth. When ordered to “drop it”, he laid it carefully on the ground and allowed it to leap off into the woods unharmed where we hope it found its mother.

Weimies are athletic and energetic and need exercise. Weimies who are not allowed adequate exercise become fat. Weimies who are confined alone without human companionship for long periods can indeed develop behavior problems and when that happens they can be very destructive.

Some of Cobalt’s Offspring: