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Weimaraner Testimonials – Linden Farm, Inc.
Weimaraner Testimonials

Weimaraner Testimonials

“Sapphire is so beautiful!!! Looks like her dad, Cobalt. We are so blessed with our girl. Everywhere we go people just gasp. lol She is a really special girl.”

-CC Wark

“We have had Mia, aka Cindy’s Surprise, for a week now and wanted to let you know we are thrilled with her. Had her vet visit today and she already gained 4 lb. She is calm, very smart and fearless. The second day we had her she was going up and down the steps from the deck to the house. We don’t like to crate so we puppy proofed our guest room and she got used to it after 1 day and goes in by herself and stays calm for the 4 hours that we are both at work at the same time. She is catching on to house breaking and if she makes a mistake it is usually because I wasn’t paying attention.
Thanks for doing such a great job in the breeding, she is obviously a great specimen of a Weimaraner and is in a home where she will be appreciated and loved.”

-Scott and Cindy

“Our first night went amazing! She slept in our room from 11:30-5:30 in her crate, with no issues! She hasn’t had an accident in the house yet! So far so good! She is currently sleeping… again. Lol thank you again Karen, for everything! She is amazing!”

-Ashley, Vince, Hayden and Austin

“Thank you for your patience and for such a loving and endearingly goofy puppy. Having Oliver in our lives makes our lives better and he wants to announce that he is doing some birding this week and is very happy except for the disappearance of his reproductive organs.”

55 thoughts on “Weimaraner Testimonials

  1. Not only are the Linden Weimaraners beautiful to look at, they have lovely dispositions, are intelligent and easy to train. Our puppy came already used to puppy pads and walking on a leash.

    Lots of pictures while we waited and easy to pay invoices.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful pup. She has our hearts. She’s got a husky friend and has been meeting our chickens and started crate training this week. She is the smartest pup I have ever had. I’m really looking forward to life with her. She’s such a sweet girl.

  3. Look how big he is in 14 days! He sits, shakes hands and lays down on command. At three months, he goes to the door an puts his paw on the glass to go out to poo. This dog is so smart, he puts his toys on the back porch when he is finished. Smartest dog I have ever owned.

  4. Yesterday had her first check up. 14.2 pounds and completely worm free. Vet says she is in great health. She is learning so much each day. I am seeing a huge improvement in her house training every day. She is a great pup and will be a great dog. Thanks.

  5. Hi, just thought you’d like to see Lorily and Nicholas. He will be almost two and it’s been great. I’m dog sitting for my daughter and her Lorily for two weeks. Hope all is well and thanks again for bringing us together. Both dogs fit perfectly into our family, and as you said, Nicholas is my full-time companion.

  6. GrayD is not quite three months old and I have trained him to ring the puppy bells hanging on the back door, just in case we don’t wee him go to the door.
    Wow, what impressive puppies you are breeding there!!

  7. Hi Karen!
    Just wanted to give you an update on Graycie! She is 4 months now and full of energy! She is truly the most amazing dog ever!! I think she finally has her legs under control… for the most part! She has been the best addition to our family and so much fun! She is truly a blessing to watch grow! She is 98% house broken, she uses the bells to go outside! She knows commands come, sit, down, she will give you her paw on command and of course her all time command “NO” Thank you again for such an amazing beautiful girl!

  8. Karen please tell Mist and Willi that Willa went to her school interview today and the entire school was so impressed with such a beautiful Weimaraner and how her disposition is so calm and a great joy to be around!! They also said she is best Weimaraner they have ever seen and wanted to know the Breeder!! Willa will be 5 months the 7 of December.

  9. Woulfgang Von h. Has been the best dog from day one I love the dog and also his apprence I’ve had him trained and he does agility he is a really good boy and looks just like his dad he goes to work with me everyday and everyone loves him thank you again for a beautiful dog purchased on my birthday .
    Luv woulfgang and will.

  10. Wanted to wish you a merry Christmas. Huck is doing great! We can’t be anywhere without someone stopping us to comment on how handsome he is. Vet said he’s going to be a big boy! He was over 50lbs at his 5 month bday. His personality and disposition are wonderful. We love him to death. Thank you for giving us our precious Huck.

  11. I’ve been meaning to email you for a while now to let you know how Mala is doing. She is the best companion and is loved beyond words. She has formed a bond with my boyfriend whos was a “Lab” guy. Now he is also a Weim guy. She plays & romps with other dogs, loves to cuddle, & go on long runs, she knows tricks and fetchs a ball. We are getting her to trained to hunt birds. 60 lbs now, a real Sweetheart! Thanks for a wonderful Weim.

  12. My goodness, this was so easy and so much fun working with you to get our beautiful boy. Many pictures and updates while waiting for the birth and then while puppies were growing. Easy payment, all paperwork completed as promised, obvious care for the future of the puppy!!!
    Excellent breeder, highly recommended, beautify healthy dogs!

  13. Clarke did great on the way home! He slept almost the entire way! His first night was great – he is going outside to relieve himself and has learned what “good boy” means. He is so well behaved and affectionate. Thanks again for everything!!!

  14. Wanted to update you on Bella, she has brought a spark to our lab and our lives dogs and we are very happy.
    She is very much a family dog and likes to sleep with us – anywhere!!!
    She is smart and has learned to open doors, ring the bells on the door to go out and “knocks” when she wants in. She has learned how to open a baby gate and really keeps on our toes. Thank you for a wonderful dog!!

  15. Clarke weighs 15.2 pounds. He has had his second puppy shots and has been started on heart-worm meds per the contract. We have begun to train him to sit a few other things. He already sits without a treat! and gets along with out cat.
    just wanted to say thank you for raising such a great dog. Clarke has become part of our family.

  16. Jackson is getting along well & he is learning basic commands. Crate training was much easier than I thought and he has grown a lot! Taking him for a walk is hard because everyone want to come and pet him and tell me how beautiful he is! All things are great & just wanted to share my joy with you for this pup!

  17. Leisel & Kaiser are learning their commands. They sit & wait when fed. They sit at the back door to go our or come in. They are so smart! Leisel has figured out how to open the kennel gate!!! Smartest and easiest to train puppies we have ever had. Thank you so much.

    The Kitts

  18. Loved visiting yeaterday! I am beyond please with my puppy. You have done a great job with this breed and it was well worth the wait for such a quality dog.
    Thanks again for everything!

  19. Millie is absolutely gorgeous! She is such a joy to our family. Everyone comments on how beautiful her color and coat are. She is growing so fast and crate trained so well! Thank you for raising such beautiful dogs!

  20. We just left with our new puppy, Gertie. Karen was wonderful to work with and we loved getting updates on our puppy before pick up. Thank you!!

  21. We love our new baby Weimaraner, Ghost. He is such a sweet boy. Our experience was very nice with Linden Farm, INC. Karen kept us well informed on how our puppy was doing, sent a lot of pictures, and we received a departing bag with all the information we needed on the breed and FAQ on numerous topics. This is a trusted breeder and we’re so in love with our new puppy.

  22. We are in love with our little Maisie!! Such a sweetheart and sooo tolerant of the kids picking her up and carrying her places! She is a wonderful addition to our family. We drove all the way from Massachusetts to get her and it was so worth it!

  23. Dear Ms. Karen, before this quarantine here in New York, we couldn’t go 10 ft without someone stopping us to compliment her!! She is so beautiful and obedient. She passed her first Puppy Class just a couple of weeks ago!!!

  24. This is to thank you for my wonderful Weimaraner “Dora”. I have always had dogs, but this one is special. She is the happiest animal I have ever known; full of the joy of life. and it communicates to all of us around her.
    Thank you again!!!!

  25. Dear BGW, we got our fantastic Weimaraner, Lucy, from your farm in 2014. She is the best and we are so in love with her. We have had such a good experience with Lucy we are thinking of getting another Weimaraer. Are you planning on have puppies this year?

  26. Hi Karen! Hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that Dex is amazing. He is beautiful, wonderful, and everything in between. I just wanted you to know he looks just like his beautiful mama!!!

  27. Hi, I purchased a Weimaraner from you for my husband two years ago. I was wondering if you were expecting any litters this year as we would like to expand our family to a little girl. Krieger has been a happy, clumsy, joy in our lives and we love him completely!!!!!

  28. We owe you a HUGE thank you. Clarke is more than we could have hoped for. We have enjoyed every moment with him. His adventurous spirit & snuggly, loving, goofy personality is exactly what we were looking for. Can’t believe he is 1! Clarke graduated from Advanced 2 obedience classes and was asked to participate in an “invitation only” Advanced 3. He is so smart and is able to join us at family gatherings, local dog friendly events & wherever we take him we know he will behave. Our Trainer has commented that he has the best personality for a Weimaraner she has ever seen. He is also beautiful and we can’t go anywhere without people commenting on his beauty. When he is on the leash, he ignores dogs and people but loves to play and is friendly when off-leash. All in all, thank you so much for giving us the perfect family dog.

  29. Hi Karen, Nice talking to you the other day. As requested, I filled out the puppy adoption form. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!

  30. Just sent you a picture of Skipper on her first birthday. She has SO much personality & makes me laugh! I have never loved a dog as much as I love her. She is my running buddy, beach buddy and the best boat dog.
    Take care & have a wonderful holiday season!

  31. I wanted to wish you a happy holiday season and share an update on Luna who is approaching her second birthday!!
    She is doing great and is an amazing dog. I wanted to thank you again for developing and breeding such beautiful, smart and talented dogs!!!!!
    I know this a busy time for you with all of your new litters and I hope all is well with the puppies and their Moms.

  32. Thank you Karen! We sincerely do appreciate your patience with all of our questions. We love hearing your advise and all of the support. Most importantly, we are happy we are getting our puppy from a responsible and caring breeding like y ou!

  33. I have never been so impressed with a breeder as we are with you! I ask a questions and with an hour I have paper or detailed explanation. Any problem or issue you have a solution.

    It is obvious you care about your puppies and dogs, but you also care about your clients.
    Wishing you a wonderful Weim filled Christmas.

  34. WOW! Yes, absolutely I would love to have my deposit carried over to a 2021 litter!! This has been a dreadful time for my family, but now to find that a breeder whom I have never met is willing to carry over my “nonrefundable” deposit to another litter is incredible! Such kindness means the world to me at this time. This breed has been a dream of my for years, I thought I had lost not only the puppy but my deposit! NOT SO, this lady OFFERED to carry my deposit over to next year. WOW and Merry Christmas.

  35. Blue has brought me so much joy in my life. He has also turned out to be one handsome fella’.
    Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs. After two years, I still couldn’t be happier.

  36. This is to give you an update. Basically she is a four-year old puppy. She sleeps on my bed and licks my face to wake me up at 6:30.
    Pandora is a pleasure to walk, is good with strangers & other dogs. At the same time she is a good watch dog and barks at anyone coming to the house she doesn’t know. I have had many but she is the happiest and most affections. She is full of the joy of life. Thank you for her.

  37. I couldn’t be more besotted with Felix. I know and love the breed – and have had Weimaraners for years, and this puppy is truly special – so clever and sweet – just the best personality. My vet even commented “the breeder did a great job”.

  38. Henry is growing like a weed! Gonna be a big boy like his daddy. We are so happy with him, you have made some great puppies.

  39. Mayne continues to grow & impress. He has been so easy to train & only uses pee pads at night at 12 weeks. He sleeps on our bed an only hops off to use the pad and then can’t jump back up. He has mastered the stairs, is great with the children and is perfect in every way!!!!

  40. Hi Karen, first day puppy school yesterday. Ellie is now five months. the Trainer said she is already so smart and knows so many commands we are going to skip puppy classes and go right into regular training!!!

    Wow, a wonder Weim!!!

  41. Thank you so much for creating such a smooth and well organized transition. Gunther is such a joy! We had a comfortable ride home and as you predicted, he slept the whole way. We had a lovely afternoon. He went potty outside and has been a pure delight.
    We are eternally grateful for all you have done.

  42. Hewson has found his place in the Colorado mountains. 🙂 Great dog. So well mannered – with kids, other dogs, etc. Commands all kinds of attention whenever we’re out and about – and he loves every minute of it.

  43. Just want to thank you for all your communication and help during the process of breeding and selecting our pup Josie. She is growing every day and brings joy and excitement daily. She just made her first trip to the dog park and had a wonderful time.
    Thank you again we love her!!! Best dog ever! Ann, Ty and Lincoln too.

  44. Just wanted you to know Zoey is doing well. She is super smart. Sleeps until about 5 am and doing great with potty training. Vet visit was yesterday and she weighs 12.75 lbs. Vet loved her personality and said she must have come from a very good breeder!!!

    Thank you for everything!! Linden

  45. We wanted to send a picture of Baxter. He weighs 65.5 lbs now & is growing steadily.
    We absolutely love him & the breed! He is a “velcro” dog and noses into everything! He is so sweet & has a wonderful disposition. He is wicked smart, & has done well in obedience training. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog.

  46. My little girl recently turned 1! Looking forward to our first Christmas. Not only is she a beauty, she has been a pure delight – so smart and super sweet! Thank you for breeding such amazing dogs! Happy holidays, Tod

  47. Storm is a beautiful puppy. I can’t believe she will be one very soon.

    Thank you again for allowing us to have such a magnificent girl!

  48. This is day four home with Libby. Just came in from taking her (human) brother to school and she’s currently napping in her crate, all by her choice. Next nap may well be on her 48″x36″ fluffy bed bought in anticipation of a growing girl. She is thriving off of routine, learning things by the minute, but without sacrificing playful, often mischievous puppyhood. I’ve encountered no sweeter puppy snuggles than hers! We are in love with her and only wish we had contacted Karen sooner. Karen was a joy to work with, often replying to my (many) emails within the hour with information more helpful than any internet search. Libby has added so much quality to our lives already and we can’t thank Karen enough for sharing the fruits of her dedication to responsible breeding with us.

  49. Cooper is doing great! Crate training at night is going well – thanks to your advice – same goes with the puppy biting. You were spot on with your advice.
    Sending pictures of him at the beach. He is so handsome and much admired. Thank you again!

  50. Hi Karen, just thought I would update you on one of your puppies. We purchase our girl Jan 2021. She now weighs 93 pounds and is not over weight, she is PERFECT!! Our vet is a Weimer owner and tries to steal her at every visit.!

  51. Elsi has been such a joy. As you predicted, she slept a good portion of the drive home. Elsi enjoyed walking around her new yard and ate most of her dinner. She slept from 10-5. This morning we had a quick trip to the vet, and she is very calm in new environments.
    Many thanks for raising such lovely pups!

  52. Hi Karen. Hope you are well. Just wanted to say that Ellie has been a joy! I can’t believe she’ll be 2 already this November! She is and has been the sweetest, smartest pup ever! And a beauty! Thanks so much for bringing her into my world!!!!

  53. We had our vet visit today. Our vet told us you are an amazing breeder & Tucker is beautiful, healthy, and parasite free!! He is doing awsome!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!

  54. Hi Karen, as Phuket (aka Puck) is approaching his 1st birthday I just wanted to reach out & thank you for allowing us to bring this amazing pup into our family! He is as gorgeous as he is intelligent; he is my faithful velcro sidekick on the beach, in the woods, in the office, around the house & on the farm! So very thankful to have him!! Cheers!!

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