Weimaraner Testimonials

Weimaraner Testimonials

“Sapphire is so beautiful!!! Looks like her dad, Cobalt. We are so blessed with our girl. Everywhere we go people just gasp. lol She is a really special girl.”

-CC Wark

“We have had Mia, aka Cindy’s Surprise, for a week now and wanted to let you know we are thrilled with her. Had her vet visit today and she already gained 4 lb. She is calm, very smart and fearless. The second day we had her she was going up and down the steps from the deck to the house. We don’t like to crate so we puppy proofed our guest room and she got used to it after 1 day and goes in by herself and stays calm for the 4 hours that we are both at work at the same time. She is catching on to house breaking and if she makes a mistake it is usually because I wasn’t paying attention.
Thanks for doing such a great job in the breeding, she is obviously a great specimen of a Weimaraner and is in a home where she will be appreciated and loved.”

-Scott and Cindy

“Our first night went amazing! She slept in our room from 11:30-5:30 in her crate, with no issues! She hasn’t had an accident in the house yet! So far so good! She is currently sleeping… again. Lol thank you again Karen, for everything! She is amazing!”

-Ashley, Vince, Hayden and Austin

“Thank you for your patience and for such a loving and endearingly goofy puppy. Having Oliver in our lives makes our lives better and he wants to announce that he is doing some birding this week and is very happy except for the disappearance of his reproductive organs.”

9 thoughts on “Weimaraner Testimonials

  1. Not only are the Linden Weimaraners beautiful to look at, they have lovely dispositions, are intelligent and easy to train. Our puppy came already used to puppy pads and walking on a leash.

    Lots of pictures while we waited and easy to pay invoices.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful pup. She has our hearts. She’s got a husky friend and has been meeting our chickens and started crate training this week. She is the smartest pup I have ever had. I’m really looking forward to life with her. She’s such a sweet girl.

  3. Look how big he is in 14 days! He sits, shakes hands and lays down on command. At three months, he goes to the door an puts his paw on the glass to go out to poo. This dog is so smart, he puts his toys on the back porch when he is finished. Smartest dog I have ever owned.

  4. Yesterday had her first check up. 14.2 pounds and completely worm free. Vet says she is in great health. She is learning so much each day. I am seeing a huge improvement in her house training every day. She is a great pup and will be a great dog. Thanks.

  5. Hi, just thought you’d like to see Lorily and Nicholas. He will be almost two and it’s been great. I’m dog sitting for my daughter and her Lorily for two weeks. Hope all is well and thanks again for bringing us together. Both dogs fit perfectly into our family, and as you said, Nicholas is my full-time companion.

  6. GrayD is not quite three months old and I have trained him to ring the puppy bells hanging on the back door, just in case we don’t wee him go to the door.
    Wow, what impressive puppies you are breeding there!!

  7. Hi Karen!
    Just wanted to give you an update on Graycie! She is 4 months now and full of energy! She is truly the most amazing dog ever!! I think she finally has her legs under control… for the most part! She has been the best addition to our family and so much fun! She is truly a blessing to watch grow! She is 98% house broken, she uses the bells to go outside! She knows commands come, sit, down, she will give you her paw on command and of course her all time command “NO” Thank you again for such an amazing beautiful girl!

  8. Karen please tell Mist and Willi that Willa went to her school interview today and the entire school was so impressed with such a beautiful Weimaraner and how her disposition is so calm and a great joy to be around!! They also said she is best Weimaraner they have ever seen and wanted to know the Breeder!! Willa will be 5 months the 7 of December.

  9. Woulfgang Von h. Has been the best dog from day one I love the dog and also his apprence I’ve had him trained and he does agility he is a really good boy and looks just like his dad he goes to work with me everyday and everyone loves him thank you again for a beautiful dog purchased on my birthday .
    Luv woulfgang and will.

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